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The sun is {finally} shinning though! 👏

BUT -- this photo was taken this morning on my way into work. There are still many roads that are not clear (as you can see from my photo).

We appreciate everyone who has been so understanding during the weather!!

Unfortunately, we have had some who have not been so understanding.

Back to what I said earlier this week - we did not want nor ask to be off any this week. It only makes it ten times harder on us when trying to play 'catch up'.

This week we were closed all day on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday our guys got a late start and then we advised them to get back before dark. On Thursday we closed early. We are working today, but there are still some roads we can not go down because they are still covered and slick.

Therefore, not a single day this week has been completed.

We are trying.

Trust me, if I had a way to prevent it from snowing/icing then I would definitely do it because I hate this mess!

BUT it happened and here we are.

We understand everyone wants their garbage picked up -- we have employees on our routes that haven't been picked up either(including my trash).

No Route/No Person/No Day takes priority over another. We are doing what we can; where we can.

Next week should be better. We understand that the customers who were not picked up will have extra - that is completely fine.

((Customers will only receive a credit if you took the trash off yourself))

Our guys will be working in overdrive next week to get everything caught back up. Please bear with us.

Please understand that in these circumstances:

1. It is not worth our employees getting hurt and they will not chance it. (we've actually already have a few drivers fall today)

2. Our trucks are not meant/capable of driving on these road conditions.

3. We will not chance wrecking one of our garbage trucks when we can clearly see the road is not clear; which would then put us down a truck and even further behind and out tons of money.

4. We understand your garbage is piling up ((mine is too!)) but at least it is cold outside and the trash is frozen.

Again --- we are really trying and that is all we can do.

“Let us ‘Hall’ your garbage so you don’t have to!”

((Family owned + operated!!))

Thank you for supporting our small business! ♡

 425 Landfill Road Kirksey KY

 8a-4p Monday-Friday

℡.№ 270.489.6005

@Hall's Waste Management

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