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Does your trash can have stuff stuck in the bottom?

Does your trash can have stuff stuck in the bottom? ❌ #TrashTalk

Outdoor trash cans can get downright disgusting!

If you are placing liquids, loose items, and/or untied bags in your trash can this is bound to happen.

This results in a sticky mess that will NOT come out when the driver dumps your can and will continue to be stuck in your can and more stuff will get stuck to the bottom of the trash can.

This causes unwanted smells, insects and rodents to be attracted to your can.

The solution . . .

→Periodically wash your trash can! ✔

Use: dish soap / white vinegar / scrub brush / water

If you periodically do this then it will help prevent stuff sticking to the bottom of your can and prevent rodents/insects being attracted to your can.

We do not exchange your can for it being dirty nor do we exchange your can for insects(maggots, ants, etc.) being attracted to your can.

Questions or concerns? :: Feel free to contact us!

“Let us ‘Hall’ your garbage so you don’t have to!” 👍🏻

((Family owned + operated!!))

Thank you for supporting our small business! ♡

📍425 Landfill Road Kirksey KY

🕗 8a-4p Monday-Friday

℡.№ 270.489.6005




@Hall's Waste Management ♻️


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