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Busy Monday

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

It’s a Monday.

It’s the beginning of the month.

It’s the first day back after being off for two days due to weather.

These three do not mix well.

The office has been [nonstop].

The calls are coming in faster than we can check the machine, so there are some messages (emails, website and Facebook messages) still left unheard.

We apologize.

We have been trying our hardest to keep up today, but that has been nearly impossible.

If you’re a Thursday or Friday customer that didn’t get picked up last week due to the weather: some of the drivers made rounds on Saturday.

They attempted to make some rounds today & may try again tomorrow.

At worst, you will be picked up on your regular scheduled pick up day. We will understand if you have extra out.

We’re sorry about missing last week, the inconveniences it may have caused & we thank you all for your understanding!

((Hopefully we won’t have anymore bad weather to interfere with routes!))

Billing: it will be going out in the next day or two.

Don’t forget you can view & pay your invoice online at

Again, sorry for any inconveniences & thank you all for your understanding!

“Let us ‘Hall’ your garbage so you don’t have to!” 👍🏻

@Hall's Waste Management ♻️

℡.№ 270.489.6005





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